Gotta get back on the horse

Been in Knoxville for several months now.  

Have a job.  Doing classes.  Making jewelry.  Planning a wedding.

I’ve got some videos to make of the few signs I’ve learnt.


Soon, my preciouses.

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AFK moving to Knoxville

We are finally leaving Missouri and we are deep in the process of packing,apartment shopping, and moving house.

Updates will be slow (not that I am a particularly frequent updater anyway).

Things will pick up during June after we are all settled.

Water and shade, my friends.

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More helps!

I had the honour of talking to Mr. Alan Romanczuk about Maiden Handtalk.

Perhaps I can get some highly credible info soon.   However, he did say that he could not recall many very specific information on the language notes..

What does that mean for my project?
Free reign and artistic license!


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At long last the time has come for JordanCon.  I might have an in with the official Team Jordan Language guru!

Now is a fine moment to squeal delightfully. 


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Still Reading.


It’s going slowly, but I’m still working my way through my books.

Found this comic on That Deaf Guy and found it to be appropriate.

ASL ≠ Indian Sign Language ≠ Maiden Handtalk

This is the challenge.

I still only have discovered three or four signs in MHT.

I will post them on the blog once I can pinpoint the reference.

But I still feel that the first thing I should post is “I have toh” because that’s the first thing that a Maiden learns.

But I need to dive in a little more into the culture of the Aiel. For instance, in the United States, when referring to ourselves, we point to our chests. In Asian cultures, a person will point to his face.
Where does the Aiel identify the “self”?

Such work to do!

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The Indian Sign Language


Pardon my lack of posts lately. I hav e been sewing costunes like a madwoman in preparation for Jordan Con in April. But today I found the perfect book for my continuing research. The Indian Sign Language by W. P. Clark. Seems to have been written by a cavalry captain in the 1880s at the request of army lieutenant general Sheridan. I am excited to see what Captain Clark learned about the language during his 6 years with native tribal people. I am also very excited to apply it to my own research. Though I fear it may turn out to be terribly dry, I am sure it will prove to be an invaluable resource.

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Another place to look


I was speaking with Narysse Sendai of the Brown Rajah at this morning in IRC. She gave me some tips for researching and understanding the Aiel. I will supplement my research with other cultures by which RJ may have been inspired. Well, I just got this pamphlet in the mail with out autographed copies of aMoL. Thanks Mummy! Aiel warrior societies are based on the Cheyenne. More to follow.

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