Still Reading.


It’s going slowly, but I’m still working my way through my books.

Found this comic on That Deaf Guy and found it to be appropriate.

ASL ≠ Indian Sign Language ≠ Maiden Handtalk

This is the challenge.

I still only have discovered three or four signs in MHT.

I will post them on the blog once I can pinpoint the reference.

But I still feel that the first thing I should post is “I have toh” because that’s the first thing that a Maiden learns.

But I need to dive in a little more into the culture of the Aiel. For instance, in the United States, when referring to ourselves, we point to our chests. In Asian cultures, a person will point to his face.
Where does the Aiel identify the “self”?

Such work to do!

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2 Responses to Still Reading.

  1. Imzadi says:

    Have you talked with deaf indians about your project? Perhaps they can give you tip? And did you know that different tribes had a “own” signs that they used when they did meet eachother and didn’t understand eachother. Remember, it was just signs, not a language…

    And ASL is based at French Sign Language, while BSL is not. I’m not sure if BSL just developed itself or were influenced with German Sign Language? Since BSL are more oral than french are? 🙂

    • sakisedai says:

      Yes. Initially Native Americans signed different sign languages depending on their tribe, yet they could still communicate between tribes using their signed languages (The Indian Sign Language by W. P. Clark). So they did evolve to become similar after a time.

      I am trying to stay away from incorporating a lot of Deaf culture and Deaf considerations into MHT. Because it is not a language for the Deaf. It’s a language for the Maidens. It should be based around Aiel and Maiden culture rather than any Deaf culture.

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