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Gotta get back on the horse

Been in Knoxville for several months now.   Have a job.  Doing classes.  Making jewelry.  Planning a wedding. I’ve got some videos to make of the few signs I’ve learnt.   Soon, my preciouses. Advertisements

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AFK moving to Knoxville

We are finally leaving Missouri and we are deep in the process of packing,apartment shopping, and moving house. Updates will be slow (not that I am a particularly frequent updater anyway). Things will pick up during June after we are … Continue reading

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More helps!

I had the honour of talking to Mr. Alan Romanczuk about Maiden Handtalk. Perhaps I can get some highly credible info soon.   However, he did say that he could not recall many very specific information on the language notes.. What … Continue reading

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At long last the time has come for JordanCon.  I might have an in with the official Team Jordan Language guru! Now is a fine moment to squeal delightfully. 

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Still Reading.

It’s going slowly, but I’m still working my way through my books. Found this comic on That Deaf Guy and found it to be appropriate. ASL ≠ Indian Sign Language ≠ Maiden Handtalk This is the challenge. I still only … Continue reading

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The Indian Sign Language

Pardon my lack of posts lately. I hav e been sewing costunes like a madwoman in preparation for Jordan Con in April. But today I found the perfect book for my continuing research. The Indian Sign Language by W. P. … Continue reading

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Another place to look

I was speaking with Narysse Sendai of the Brown Rajah at this morning in IRC. She gave me some tips for researching and understanding the Aiel. I will supplement my research with other cultures by which RJ may have … Continue reading

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